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A 9 - 12 month trauma-informed residential recovery program for women coming out of the sex industry and adult victims of Sex Trafficking.


A partnership with DCFS to provide specialized foster homes for child victims of human trafficking.  Reclaimed is also a full trauma-informed recovery program for child victims of sex trafficking.


A mentoring program for teenage girls who are considered high-risk to being pulled into sex trafficking.


A program designed to address and heal the demand side of the sex industry.  Demand includes opportunities for male volunteers to disrupt the buying of women & children and our “John School” for 1st and 2nd time offenders of solicitation. John School is designed to equip participants to make different decisions in the future.

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Volunteers are used at every level of our ministry: mentoring, serving on outreach teams, teaching classes, special events at our safe houses and so much more. To serve with Purchased you must attend a mandatory "equipped" training!

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